Admission to school in the Reception Class:

Beacon Primary School is a community school and admissions are controlled by the Local Education Authority.  We have no affiliation to any particular religious affiliation or denomination and the admission criteria are below.  Please note: a place in the Nursery class does not guarantee a place in the school.  Enquiries are very welcome from prospective parents and should be made, at the latest, by the child’s third birthday. Parents who are interested in gaining a place for their child at Beacon Primary School are invited to obtain a school brochure from the school secretary, who will be pleased to arrange for them to meet the Head Teacher and to view the school should they wish. Visitors are able to judge for themselves the high standards of attainment, behaviour, teaching and learning which we achieve at Beacon Primary School, and the hard work which goes on here. Visitors can see for themselves that Beacon Primary School is a happy school where pupils and staff thrive and are valued.

You will be asked to fill in a form and your child’s name will be put on a list of parents interested in a place at this school.   If your child’s name is on the list it does not constitute the offer of a place.  Please note that it is the parents’ responsibility to apply for a place at the school. In the October before the September, your son or daughter starts school, you will receive a letter with an admission form from Pupil and Student Services of Bolton Council.  Please fill it in and return by the date specified.  Parents are also given the option to apply online.  The closing date for applications usually falls in the second week in January.    If the number of replies exceeds 30 the admission criteria are applied on the following basis:

Priority 1 :

places will be allocated to children who have an older brother or sister at the school.

When all priority 1 children have been accommodated places will be allocated to:

Priority 2:

Children who suffer from a medical or physical disability which makes it better for them to attend this school rather than another.  (Any such medical condition must be notified at the time of application; a medical examination by a school medical officer may be required).

When all children in Priority 1 and 2 have been given places, the remaining places will be given to:

Priority 3:

Children for whom the journey to the nearest alternative school would be unreasonable or difficult.  Those children with the easier or shorter journey to an alternative school have a lower priority for the preferred school.  Measurements will commence from those living closest to the preferred school and then move outwards in a ripple effect.

If you are offered a place:

You should notify the school as soon as possible if you are going to accept it.  After this, you will receive a letter inviting you to a meeting for parents where you will be given further information and have an opportunity to meet the staff.   You will also be given details about preliminary visits to the school for your child during June / July.   If you have NOT been offered a place, you may appeal to the Local Education Authority within 15 days of the final offer.

Please use the link below to access Bolton Council Admission to primary school booklet for all information regarding admissions and procedures.  If you need to telephone the Pupil and Student Services Unit their number is: (01204) 332137.

Admission to Primary School Booklet 2017 – 18

Transferring to Secondary School at 11:

When your child is in Year 5 and you are considering the choice of secondary education, you will receive a letter and booklet from Bolton LEA which lists schools maintained by them that your child can transfer to.  You will be asked to put three schools in order of preference.  Brochures and details of the schools’ Open Evenings are available from the secondary schools and you are strongly advised to visit the schools you are interested in.  Offers of places from Secondary Schools are usually made in early March.  Again, you have the right of appeal to the LEA.

Please use the link below to access Bolton Council Admission to Secondary School Booklet 2017/2018 for all information and contacts.

Secondary School Booklet 2017/2018

Transferring to Beacon Primary School from another school

If you move into the area or your child is transferring to Beacon Primary School from another school the procedure is the same as the Reception class.  You must contact Pupil and Student Services of Bolton Council – 01204 332137 to inform them of your details and circumstances and they will confirm whether a place is available with us.  They will request that you complete an admission form and you will be subsequently notified of the offer of a place if the year group does not exceed 30.  The same admission criteria as above apply.   You have the right of appeal if you are not offered a place.

Please note:   If you are offered a place at Beacon Primary School we will require proof of the child’s age and residence within 10 days – e.g. birth certificate/utilities bill at the time of acceptance.

Please use the link below to access Bolton Council School Admissions Service.